3 Reasons Why You Should Get AWS Certified This Year

3 Reasons Why You Should Get AWS Certified This Year

Earlier this year (2017), I decided that it was time for me to stop ignoring the biggest player in IT: AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of chasing the latest tech trend because “all the cool kids are doing it”. Yes, one needs to stay relevant in this very dynamic industry but there is also the danger of never becoming an expert if one keeps following these trends. In the case of AWS and cloud computing however, this is not a trend, but the new normal. Ignorance here will make you irrelevant, very fast.

Although I have been using certain AWS-backed services at work, the extent of my knowledge and experience with the different AWS services was fairly limited. I know that Amazon offered a rich ecosystem of storage, compute, automation and infrastructure technologies, so after doing some research, I decided that the best approach would be to purse the AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) certification.

Certifications are a controversial topic in IT. Some argue that obtaining a certification makes you more marketable, while others think that they could have a negative impact by giving the impression that you are compensating for the lack of experience. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, my personal experience with certifications in general has been a very positive one throughout my career. It has definitely opened many doors for me and it set me apart from other candidates.

So why should you pursue AWS certifications?

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